الغابون يؤرخ

الغابون يؤرخ


Passion and Ambition Seek the Same


الموقعLeicester, Leicestershire, England, المملكة المتحدة الحالةغير مرتبط/غير مرتبطة
العمر33, ذكر, 6'0" (183 cm) بحثأنثى
أنا أبحث عنطويل الأمد الشخصيةصبور
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Well to be honest shortly and sharply lol. I give it a try because learning do not come from books but the people are the living book within themselves meaning that I like to discuss with any person during my little spare time and learn from others knowing that I live in Uk since three years now. So it allows me to know how people are in England and what are they Lifestyles still. Funny, sociable easy going. Love and understanding are my religion in case if you are asking me. I travelled many places from young I don't like to be stuck one place for too long neither. I like going to gym or even training outside.. street work out Healthy stuff cinema theatres museum. Parties are not my thing too much. I rather prefer chilling places not too many noises you know what I mean. I could be sometimes a little bit clumsy with my words knowing that English is not my first language so, sometimes I could talk and you did not get it in the way that I would. If you wish to know more about me, you know what do to do just click there and introduce yourself.

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الجنسيةفرنسا رأيك عن الزواجالزواج مقدس
المهنةعمل حر اللغاتالفرنسية / الإنجليزية
التعليمالثانوية العامة الدينالروحانية

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